When your home relies on a septic tank for containing waste products, you need to know how to prevent a major issue from developing. In some cases, changing the products you use or creating a difference maintenance program is the best way to accomplish your goal. You need to take some time and learn how these factors affect your tank, so you can keep it from having any major problems in the future.

Understand Flushable Products

One way to prolong your septic tank's life is to understand the different types of flushable products. The most common products that are flushed are toilet paper and bathroom wipes. However, some of these items are not septic tank safe, which is why you must read the label carefully.

Many flushable wipes, for example, are not designed for septic tanks because they take too long to break down. Over time, using too many of them will clog your tank, which could lead to it failing completely.

If a product does not specifically say septic tank safe, you can look it up online and see what the septic companies say. Several companies operate blogs with useful information about what you can and cannot flush, which will help you avoid this type of septic tank problem.

Avoid High Concentration of Enzymes

Even though your septic tank needs a balanced level of enzymes and bacteria to function properly, you need to avoid high concentrations of these substances. In many cases, the commercial products that are designed to balance out your tank will do more harm than good.

For this reason, you need to be very aware of what septic tank treatments you introduce into your system. The wrong treatment could cause additional damage such as clogs, contaminated ground water or they may slow your septic system down.

If any of these problems occur from a high concentration of additives, you would need to have a septic tank cleaning company pump out the tank and then clean it thoroughly. By doing this work, the technician will adjust the enzyme and bacteria levels inside the tank, since the process removes harmful additives. The technician can also advise you on which products, if any, you should use to help maintain a proper level of enzymes and bacteria within the tank.

By maintaining your tank and knowing what goes into it, you can eliminate some of the chances that your septic system will fail. It does take some effort to maintain your tank, but it is worth the work so you do not have to repair your tank on a regular basis.