Your successful construction business likely depends on its materials or lumber yard to store supplies and equipment for the big jobs. Unfortunately, your yard can become an easy target for thieves and vandals – especially after business hours. Security fences can help protect your business if you install the right type.

Height Matters

Taller fences are more difficult to scale, which helps discourage petty thieves. You may also need to construct a fence to a certain height to satisfy local code regulations, depending on the type of materials you store in your yard. Generally, 10 feet is the minimum height you should consider for a security fence.

Go For the Slats

Privacy slats that slide into a chain link fence provide two levels of security. The slats themselves remove the easy footholds in the chain openings, making the fence more difficult to climb. They also shield the contents of your materials yard from prying eyes. A thief is less likely to enter the yard if he can't verify that the yard is empty or that the items inside are worth stealing.

Protect the Top

The greatest weakness of any security fence is the open top. Choosing a fence with a barbed wire top can prevent all but the most determined thief from encroaching on your storage area. For those brazen enough to still try, you can install a perimeter alarm on the fence to catch anyone that does make it over.

Don't Skimp on the Gate

Many material yards are left open during the day so the work trucks can easily come in and out. This isn't an issue if your yard is manned during the open hours, but someone can remove a truckload of expensive equipment or supplies if the yard is left empty for even a short time. Consider adding a security gate to the entrance. A gate activated by a key code entry or by a remote control provides security at all hours.

Chain link is usually the most inexpensive option, especially if you have a large area to fence in. If you need additional security or have had past problems with vandals cutting through the fence, consider expandable metal fencing. It looks similar to chain link but it's sturdier and less likely to be breached. Whichever option you choose, work with professionals, like General Fence Company, to ensure it's installed securely and it's lift resistant. There's no point protecting the top is someone can easily crawl underneath.