If you have young children, it's very likely that safety is a major concern to you at home. A part of the home that many people forget to make changes to after having children is the windows. Windows can be incredibly dangerous due to the risk of children falling out or being injured by hanging cords. To keep the windows safe in a home with young children, consider implementing some, or all, of the following changes.

Install Decorative Window Guards

A great way to add some protection to the windows that's more durable than screens is with window guards. While many people automatically think of heavy bars on the windows, there are also plenty of decorative options that can enhance the look of your home and provide the additional safety you want.

Keep Climbable Furniture Away from Windows

If you're concerned over your children climbing out the windows, it's a good idea to set up the layout of the room with furniture away from the windows. With a sofa, chairs, or table next to a window, your child may have the desire to climb on top and attempt to find out a way to crawl out.

Opt for Cordless Blinds and Shutters

Hanging cords can be incredibly dangerous for children, making it a much wiser idea to go with window treatments free of any cords. This means choosing blinds and shutters that have a pull rod or are controlled by simply pulling on the fabric.

Avoid Low-Hanging Curtain Tassels

If you choose curtains for the window treatments, you'll want to keep an eye out for curtains free of any hanging tassels. These can be a major concern, since your child may want to pull on the tassels and it could lead to them pulling off the entire curtains from their weight.

Make Window Stops a Necessity

Another way to improve the security of your windows is with window stops that limit how much the windows can open. Measuring the height and width of the windows, along with determining how much you want it to open, is a good place to start, along with finding the right type of window stops. Some good options for window stops include wood and metal, which provide a sturdy way to keep the windows from opening entirely.

To improve the safety of your home, while getting new window treatments installed, you'll want to make changes with your child in mind. The improvements above can help enhance the look of your windows without making any sacrifices in safety. If your windows are outdated and unsafe, you may wish to have entirely new windows installed by a reputable company such as Gulf Coast Builders Inc.