After cold weather and winter snows, your roof may need some tender loving care. Spring is a good time to inspect your roof before the summer heat makes roofing maintenance work uncomfortably hot. They are several things you should look for, and actions you can perform, including:

Check your gutters and downspouts.

If your gutters are filled with dirt, muck, and debris, or your downspout is blocked, water can accumulate in the gutters when it rains. The weight of the standing water can cause your gutters to pull away from the edge of your roof,  and overflowing water can seep into holes created when the gutter attachments are loosened.

After you have cleaned the gutters, you should check for any holes or cracks and seal the edge of the roof (where the gutters are attached) with roofing cement. This is a thick tar-like substance that is much denser than regular roof sealant.

Seal aluminum flashing and trim.

You should seal around the edges of the flashing around your chimney and other trim metal using silicone caulk. Caulk can become ineffective and brittle after a severe winter. Apply silicone caulk using a caulking gun and use a small sealing brush to ensure that the caulk is spread evenly along the edges. Caulking supplies can be found at any home improvement store.

Check for nail holes or protruding nails.

Roofing nails can pop up from changes in temperature that cause roofing tiles to expand and contract. The nails may either fall out or protrude from your roof. Protruding nails should be hammered back into the roofing tiles and sealed with roof sealant. Nails holes should also be sealed. They may not be readily visible, so you should scan the roof as carefully as possible. A single nail hole can cause a roof to leak.

Replace broken or missing tiles.

Accumulating snow and ice, along with strong winds, can cause roofing tiles to become broken or dislodged. It is important that they are replaced to avoid compromising the water resistance of the roof. If you don't have extra tiles from the original installation of the tiles, you will need to visit a roofing supply company to find a match for your missing tiles. Take a sample of the tiles from broken pieces or loose tiles that may have remained on the roof, in order to try to find an adequate match.

If you are hesitant to climb onto your roof, or just prefer to hire a professional, residential roofing contractors often have maintenance specials that will cover all or most of your needs. One company that provides this service is Acoma Roofing.