If you have been considering having a sunroom added to your home, you are not alone. People usually adore their sunrooms and use them a lot more than they imagined they would. The addition of a four season sunroom can turn dark and depressing areas of your home into sunny, happy spaces and create a gathering place for your family. If you have questions about sunrooms, read below for some practical considerations.

  1. Traditional sunrooms are often filled with outdoor-themed furnishings like wicker and wrought iron, but with the advent of sun-resistant fabrics for upholstery you can use the same furnishing style that you would inside.
  2. Using your sunroom on colder days will be no problem with the addition of a portable fireplace, which will upgrade the coziness factor and make your sunroom usable year-round.
  3. On warmer days, you can count on a space that is mostly glass to quickly heat up to uncomfortable levels unless you have your sunroom cooled by your home's air-conditioning. On milder days, the addition of a ceiling fan and a method to release the warm air, such as a vent up top, will make it more comfortable.
  4. Don't forget to include electrical outlets. You will want to be able to plug in some lamps for gray days.
  5. Sunroom floors are often made of hard materials such a stone, concrete or tile, so area rugs will soften up both the look and feel of the room.
  6. For both privacy and to control the sunlight, you will want window coverings. Sheers will filter the light, and matchstick bamboo shades that roll up will provide just the right level of privacy if needed, and block out more light.
  7. Sunrooms are sometimes small spaces, but if you can fit a small round table into the space, you'll expand your dining options, as well as create a spot for puzzles, games, cards, etc.
  8. Consider your orientation to take the most advantage of the sun. Placing your sunroom on the southeast corner of your home will allow you to receive the soft and cooler early morning sun and avoid the much warmer setting sun in the west.
  9. You may be tempted to fill your sunroom with plants, which is understandable, but consider that the actual outdoors is the focal point of a sunroom, so try not to distract from the view.
  10. Don't neglect to brainstorm other uses of your new sunny space to get the maximum use out of it. Consider these other uses for the room: crafting room, art studio, photography studio, home office, breakfast room, greenhouse, etc.

These tips should give you plenty of ideas for your new sunroom, like those from Patio Creations. Once you are happily settled in you will wonder how you ever got along without it.