If you have operated your storefront this entire time without security shutters and without damage to your windows or doors, you are very lucky. Storefronts are always at risk for rioters, smash and grab thefts, and accidental damage from storms of all kinds.

Here are all the ways that security shutters can protect your business assets:

Smash and Grab Thefts Cannot Occur

When you roll down the security shutters at night and lock them, would-be thieves cannot smash the glass and grab what they want from your displays. They also cannot enter your store through the smashed windows and door to steal other things from inside or break into your safe or your registers. The security shutters stop the thieves in their tracks.

Rioters Are Stopped 

If you live in a major metropolitan area, there is always the risk of rioting over one thing or another. Everybody from college students to human or animal rights activists sometimes get out of hand and their protests turn violent. At least if you have security shutters on your storefront, rioters might be able to break the glass (if they drive a truck into your store!), but they cannot do any other harm to your store than that.

You Have a Defense Against the Weather

Security shutters for the prevention of storm damage save your windows, doors and store from thousands of dollars of repairs and lost sales. In Florida, where it is common for hurricanes to rip through coastal cities and send water and debris through broken windows, the security shutters prevent that.

There are also security shutters that can withstand tornadic winds, hail the size of softballs, extreme heat and cold, and the pressure of flood waters. Additionally, you can close the shutters part way during the day to keep your storefront cool and keep your cooling costs down.

Comparing the Price of Security Shutters to Glass Replacement and Business Losses

Even though you may have been lucky so far, eventually you will have to replace the glass and claim losses with your insurance company for smashed storefront windows. It costs you money on three fronts--your insurance premiums, the glass replacements, and the stolen merchandise.

Installing security shutters prevents all of these problems and prevents the added expenses now, and in the future. Some insurance companies will even offer a discount because you have security shutters protecting your business. That means less money paid to you to fix things, which allows them the ability to offer you the encouraging discount.

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