There are many ways to waterproof a basement, which consist of interior and exterior systems. In an interior foundation waterproofing system, there are drain tiles and pipes that drain water away from foundation walls. These systems are prone to problems like collapsed tiles, clogging and poor installation.

Here are some things that you will want to know about interior drainage systems and how to avoid these problems in your home:

1. Collapsed Weeping Tiles Causing Water To Get In Your Home

The drainage system of your foundation is likely to have weeping tiles. This is a type of perforated pipe that is installed at the bottom of the foundation footing. What it does is allow water to enter the pipe and drain to a storm drainage system or a sump pump that you have installed in your basement. With time, these pipes can collapse, causing water to back up into your basement foundation. To fix this problem, the collapsed weeping tiles will usually need to be replaced with new drainage pipes to ensure that water has a place to go.

2. Clogged Tiles That Do Not Sufficiently Divert Water Away From Your Foundation

Another problem that you can have with the basement drainage system is clogged drainage tiles that do not allow water to flow out of your basement. This is usually due to dirt and debris getting into the weeping tiles. If this is the only problem, the clog can sometimes be removed by using a plumbers snake.  If you have old weeping tiles that are made of clay, cracks can be causing them to feel with debris, so you may want to have them replaced no matter what.

3. Storm Drain And Sump Pump Problems That Effect Foundation Drainage

Sometimes, this problem may be caused by drain pipes outside of your foundation. This is something that can sometimes be fixed using methods like sewer jetting. Often, these drainage pipes need to be replaced to solve the problem. If the problem is with public storm drains, then you will need to call the local authority to fix the drain system. You may also want to have an alternative drain system that is not connected to public drains to prevent this from happening.

These are some things that you will want to know about foundation drainage problems and how to avoid problems in your home. If you are having water problems in your basement, contact a foundation waterproofing contractor and talk with them about the best solutions for your home. Contact a company like B & B Basement Waterproofing with any questions or concerns you have.