Home flooding, whether it occurs from a natural disaster or a burst pipe, can be an almighty inconvenience. One of the first things that you will have to repair is the baseboards. Baseboards will get swollen and warped if they absorbs water. This article will explain how to remove severely damaged baseboard and how to install a new product.

How to Remove the Old Baseboard

The messiest and most tiring part of the job is removing the old baseboard. If the baseboard is especially waterlogged, it will be easier to remove the molding. But, the baseboard might break near the nails, making it hard to remove. If the baseboard is still firmly attached to the wall, you will need to cut away the caulk along the top edge, where it meets the wall. The best tools for removing a baseboard is a flathead screwdriver and hammer. Hammer the flathead underneath the molding and pry outward.

Installing the New Baseboard

The key to installing the new baseboard is having the right tools. You will need an air compressor, nail gun, miter saw and caulk. It is easiest to cut the molding for the corners if you have a compound miter saw (meaning the blade can be tilted). You will want to cut the baseboard at 45 degree angles so the pieces meet perfectly at the corners.

Nailing the Baseboard to the Wall

Most baseboards are less than 1" thick, so you will need 2"-3" long nails. Special finish nails are best for installing baseboards because they have small heads so they do not leave behind a large nail hole. Shoot the nail through the thickest part of the baseboard so the nail does not shoot completely through it. After the baseboard is attached to the wall you will need to fill the small nails holes and apply the caulk. In fact, you can easily fill the nail holes with the same caulk. Simply spread it into the holes using your fingers. Applying the caulk to the top edge of the baseboard is important because it protects the molding and gives it a strong visual line.

Changing the baseboard is one of the first changes you need to make after serious water damage. When changing your baseboard you can update the style to give your home a more modern look. Choose a taller baseboard that will cover the old caulk line from your previous baseboard. For more information, contact a professional like Complete Restoration Services.