Vinyl siding is one of the smartest remodels you can invest in. It is a very cost-effective remodel because vinyl siding is very affordable and easy to install. However, not all vinyl siding products are exactly the same. Some siding is made with extra insulation to protect your home in colder climates. This is obviously more expensive, but it is well worth it if you live in a cold area. Perhaps the best thing about vinyl siding is the fact that you can install it on your own, even if you do not have any particular construction skills. With just a few simple tools and direction, you can install your own vinyl siding.

Leveling Your Anchor Piece

Vinyl siding is modular, meaning that the pieces are engineered so they can attached to each other without any screws or fasteners. This speeds up the installation process significantly. However, you do need to attach the anchor pieces to the wall with a power drill. To make sure they are properly installed, you will also need a level, tape measure, stud finder and the appropriate screws. Most vinyl siding kits will include the screws with the planks. The anchor pieces need to be attached to the top and bottom of the wall. Making sure your planks are as level as possible is very important. The key to level planks is making sure your anchor pieces are also level.

Attaching the Anchor Piece

You want to make sure that the screws attaching your anchor piece hit a stud in the wall. So, use the stud finder to mark the location of the studs. Most vertical studs are 18" apart. To help make sure the anchor piece is perfectly level, attach a screw at one and at the desired height. Then, on the level along the bottom edge as you attach a screw to the opposite end. Then, attach the rest of the screws in between. Double check to see if the anchor piece is level after all the screws are secured.

When you get to the bottom of the wall, you will need to install another anchor piece. This anchor does not hold the weight of the siding, it just make sure that the siding stays close to the wall.

Once you master installing anchor pieces, you will be able to install your vinyl siding very quickly. For assistance, talk to a professional like Hatboro Lumber & Fuel Co.