If you like to have a nice lawn and garden, you probably use a lot of water. This can be costly if you have your irrigation systems connected to your water service. You may want to save on your water bills and still have a green lawn. Rain collection, greywater and drip irrigation are great solutions to help reduce you water bills. Here are some solutions that can help you save water and still have the greenest garden on the block:

1. Using Rain Collection To Use For Irrigation

If you want free water to use for irrigation, a rain collection system can be a great investment. This can be a simple system that stores water from an area of your roof. You can use a small tank to store the water for irrigation. There are also larger systems with large tanks that can collect runoff from your home, as well as landscaping.

2. Recycling Greywater From Appliances For The Garden

Another option to get water is to recycle greywater. This can be water that drains from appliances. The water can go directly to irrigation systems or storage tanks. You can also have separate plumbing for all the greywater in your home to maximize the water that you recycle, but this will require large storage tanks.

3. Using Solar Powered Pumps For Sprinkler Systems

To water grass, sprinkler systems work the best, but if you want to use rain water, you will need to use a pump. To make your system more efficient, you can use a low-powered solar pump to operate a small sprinkler system for the lawn. This is a good solution for small grass areas with only a few sprinkler heads. For more heads, you may need to use more than one pump.

4. Gravity Fed Drip Irrigation For Efficient Watering Of The Garden

If you want to save energy with your watering, drip irrigation can be a great solution. There are many areas of your garden that can benefit from having drip irrigation rather than sprinklers. This can work better for flower gardens and plants. It will also ensure that the plants always have water. These systems can also be gravity fed, requiring no energy.

These are some of the ways that you can save water and keep your garden green. If you need help setting up some of these systems, contact a drip irrigation service to get help setting up your irrigation systems. Read more here.