Fire extinguishers are a must for every home, as they can mean the difference between a small area of damage and the complete loss of a home if a fire were to break out. Proper placement of the fire extinguisher is key in being able to stop a fire in its tracks. Here are a few tips that will ensure your family is ready for an emergency. 

Keep a Fire Extinguisher Opposite Your Stove

One may be inclined to install their fire extinguisher by the stove, since fires are more common while cooking. Unfortunately, if a fire were to erupt, you could get burned trying to reach your fire extinguisher. The best placement for this important safety equipment is on a wall that is opposite your stove at a height that your children will not be able to access it. That way it's not to far out of reach for the adults in your home in an emergency.

Place a Fire Extinguisher in the Basement

If you have a basement, you'll want to set a fire extinguisher on the wall of the stairwell that leads into and out of the basement. That keeps it a safe distance away from any hazardous or flammable liquids you may be housing in that area. 

Secure a Fire Extinguisher in the Garage

Should your home feature a garage, then you'll want to set a fire extinguisher in there as well. Electrical equipment and fuels like gasoline are often stored in the garage, so having a fire extinguisher handy is a must. The best spot to place the fire extinguisher is near an exit in a place that is clearly visible. Again, you'll want it to be high enough that children won't have access to it, and a safe distance from any flammable chemicals that you may be storing in your garage. 

Add a Fire Extinguisher to Your Emergency Car Kit

Fires can happen in cars as well, both from an engine overheating or a car accident, so don't forget to place a fire extinguisher in your emergency car kit. This can be stored in your trunk, which is the least likely spot for a fire to start. 

In addition to the above mentioned locations, families that have multi-level homes would benefit from installing a fire extinguisher on each level of the home. This is so that if a fire were to form, you wouldn't have to waste time running up and down the stairs to retrieve the fire extinguisher. Visit Amerisafe for more information.