If you are redoing your bathroom and you're planning on replacing your current bathtub, then now is the perfect time for you to choose the right tub that meets all your needs and bathing desires. The information provided here will help you determine which type of bathtub would be a good choice for you to go with.

Bathtubs for soaking

If you are someone who loves to enjoy a long soak in a comfortable tub then you want to find one that offers you comfort and plenty of room.

A deeper bathtub will give you the option of filing the water up to a higher level than the average tub. As for the size of the tub, you may be limited if you have a smaller bathroom. However, there are tubs with different shapes and this may work to your advantage. For example, a round tub may fit in a small corner and give you more room to soak.

Bathtubs for pain and stress relief

If you suffer from a painful condition or you are under a lot of stress, then your bathtub can become more than simply a tool for you to clean yourself. It can help you to relieve aches and pains, as well as help you to emotionally relax.

Some bathtubs come with jets. These jets turn your tub into a whirlpool. With the different types of whirlpool tubs you can get one that has jets that put out strong streams of water. This motion will help stimulate and massage your veins, nerves and arteries in a way that helps improve circulation that can help relieve pain and other ailments.

Bathtubs for mobility issues

If you have mobility issues then you should think about getting a walk-in bathtub. The door in the side of this tub will make it very easy for you to enter and exit the tub area. Also, there is a non-slip seat that's raised up off the ground and a handheld shower head, so you can wash your upper body while you sit comfortably and secure in the seat.

Now that you have a better idea of some of the bathtubs you can replace your current one with, you are closer to having a bathroom that fully accommodates you. Always make sure you try to create a safer space in your home while trying to make it as comfortable as possible for everyone in the house. Start by contacting companies like Beebe Inc.