You've heard the saying – everything old is new again – but sometimes the old stuff doesn't become new again, and it just ends up looking odd in your new, modern home. But with all of the hundreds of trends and articles with conflicting information out there, how can you know which trends are passé and which new ones you should implement in your home? If you're looking for ideas for your latest redo of your home's décor and are wondering what's out – and what's in – then here's what you need to know.

Over It

These overdone, tacky, or just plain blah trends should probably be overlooked when you're deciding what to do on your latest remodel.

  • 'No' on the range. Sure, the whole farm-to-table thing got some great press the last couple years, but honestly, making your home – especially your kitchen – look like you just wandered out of the breadbasket is kind of dated.
  • White everywhere. White looks super crisp and clean and modern…right up until the point where someone actually lives in the house. All-white décor is less modern now and more clinical – and that's the exact opposite feel that you should have in a home.
  • (Lack of) accent walls. A great way to introduce color into a room – or so everyone thought, circa 2010. Now, accent walls don't just look dated – they're generally done oddly by people wanting to jump on a trend without knowing anything about it, and the result is usually an accent wall with a lot of clutter on it, which blocks the color, and reduces the accent to no accent at all.

Get On It

These cutting-edge new trends are definitely good ideas when you're considering what new look to try in your home.

  • Quartz, quartz everywhere. Instead of granite or wood countertops, consider investing in quartz countertops to tie your kitchen's design together. Easy to clean, scratch-proof, waterproof, heat resistant, and abominably easy to clean -- just soap and water -- this countertop material is a great idea for the busy cook, especially if you have little kids who would accidentally damage a less resistant countertop. 
  • Shake your (peacock) feather. Forget the whites of modernism and embrace the multicolored splendor of peacock-colored design. Embracing jewel-toned blues, greens, purples, and even golds, peacock coloring can make your home feel just a touch more regal – and a lot more colorful.
  • Bright and bold. Don't stare at your old-fashioned accent wall in despair – simply purchase or reupholster other furniture to match. A major trend this year is to incorporate boldly colored pieces of furniture – such as couches, tables, or bigger lamps – to tie the colors of your home's design together.