If you are moving into a new place -- a new-to-you place that is actually rather old -- the main heating system might be based on electric baseboard heating. These long appliances can work well, but as a dwelling gets older and draftier, the heat can more easily escape. Plus, depending on utility prices in your area, using these electric heaters can be expensive during particularly cold spells. To help get through a winter using electric baseboard heaters, make these three adjustments for a happier, warmer season.

Supplement With Oil

Space heaters seem like an obvious solution if baseboard heat doesn't seem to be enough. But most space heaters are also electric, and they can be more expensive to run than even the baseboard heaters. However, there are oil-filled space heaters that are incredibly efficient. These usually have casters so you can move them from room to room. Try keeping the electric baseboard heat on at a minimum temperature and using the oil space heaters for additional heat.

Stop Those Drafts

If one of the problems is that your place seems drafty, stop the drafts! Place draft blockers at the bottom of each door -- even interior doors -- to prevent cold air from seeping into the room, and to prevent warm air from seeping out. Use plastic window film to insulate windows if you don't have dual-pane windows. Add heavy curtains to windows, too. Every time you cut off a draft, you're helping to keep your home nice and toasty. Obviously, you want good air circulation, but blocking drafts and insulating rooms will go a long way toward keeping you warm.

Clean the Interior of the Heater

Dust can gather on top of the baseboard heaters, and it can get into the heater cases as well. If it does, it can make the heaters less efficient. You should be able to wipe the dust off the exterior of the case (when the heater hasn't been on and is cool to the touch). Many electric baseboards have a removable cover; when the heater is off, see if you can lift that cover and vacuum inside.

If you need help cleaning the interior of the heater, or if you decide you want to replace the baseboard units with another type of heating, contact a heater repair company. There are many choices when it comes to heating, and the company can help you choose the right one. Contact a business, such as McLaughlin Air Conditioning Co Inc., for more information.