A brick fireplace that is an eyesore can really detract from the overall look of a room. If you have a brick fireplace that is not visually appealing, consider updating its look with pressed tin panels. Pressed tin panels are inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to install. Use the guide that follows to learn how to install the stylish panels over your fireplace to create a unique, updated look.

Measure the Fireplace

The first thing you need to do is measure the fireplace that you want to cover with the pressed tin panels. Be sure to measure the front of the fireplace, as well as the sides of the fireplace. You want to cover all exposed brick with the tin to create a uniform look.

Purchase the Pressed Tin Panels

At a home improvement store, look for pressed tin panels that have a look you like. You can choose from many different finishes and designs. Take the time to determine how many panels you need to purchase. Each panel will cover a specific amount of space, and to determine how much you need to buy, all you have to do is to divide all of the space you need to cover by the specific amount of space each panel is designed to cover.

Determine the Layout for the Panels

Next, you need to determine how you want the panels to look when they are attached to the fireplace. Many people choose to create a uniform design with the panels by placing them in rows or columns. Determine the layout you like the best before you start attaching any panels to the fireplace to ensure that you do not have to take them off to re-position them after you start the attachment process.

Attach the Panels to the Brick

Finally, you will be ready to start attaching the panels to the brick. Hold the first panel against the brick and press the panel against the brick to feel where the mortar is. Hold a small nail that is the same color as the panels on the location where you feel the mortar and use a hammer to nail the panel into place. You want to nail between the bricks rather than into the bricks to ensure that the bricks do not break or crumble. The panels will have divots and bumps on them that create the design which will mask the nails so that no one can see them when you are done. Repeat the process with the other panels, making sure the edges of each panel slightly overlap the previous panel to create a seamless finished look.

Once complete, you can add wood trim to the top and bottom edges of the fireplace to create a finished look. Small trim nails and a hammer can be used to attach the trim quickly and easily around the edges of the fireplace. Visit www.maxwellconstructionco.com for more info.