Air conditioning can come in many different forms, which today, includes ductless systems. These air conditioning systems have many benefits, such as requiring fewer materials and their quick installation. You can add ductless HVAC to a home with a zoned air conditioning design, which improves the efficiency of your system by cooling or heating according to the needs of different areas of your home. If you have a home that can benefit from a zoned AC design, here are some tips that can help with ductless AC: 

1. Using A Simple Heat Pump For A Mini Split Design

You may want to consider using a single heat pump for a single zoned design. The use of a heat pump can also provide your home with heating using the same system, which is done by operating the system in reverse when heating is needed. This can be an affordable solution for smaller, single floor homes. The system can have two air handling units connected to it to provide your home with heating and cooling.,

2. Installing More Than Two Air Handlers On A Split System

In some cases, you may need to have more than one indoor air handler. This is often the case with multiple-story homes. This does not always mean that you have to have more than one heat pump installed. Often, you can have a single heat pumped sized according to the heating and cooling needs of your home. This can reduce the cost of your ductless HVAC system. This is an ideal solution for smaller two-story or split-level homes that need more than a conventional mini-split system.

3. Situations Where You May Want To Have Separate Systems Installed

There are also some situations where you may want to have separate systems installed in your home. The separate HVAC units can even have their own zoned design. This is often the case with homes on basements, which may be finished with apartments or need a minimal amount of cooling. If there are areas of your home that are mostly separated from your main living space, you may want to consider using separate systems for these areas, which can be turned off when you do not need heating or cooling.

These are some of tips to help you choose the best options for ductless AC systems with a zoned design. If you are ready for a new air conditioning system for your home, contact an HVAC contractor (click here for more information) and talk with them about options for ductless AC and zoned designs.