Installing a privacy fence around your property can help to provide you with the privacy and security that you want. Unfortunately, that fence can also disrupt the view from your home and make things a little less beautiful. Instead of living with the bland view, you can custom paint a mural on that large surface and create something beautifully remarkable.  

Ok, so you aren't the most artistic person – this doesn't have to eliminate the possibility of painting a custom mural on your fence. You can make yourself a projector, buy some transparency sheets, chalk, marker, paints, and brushes and do something that will surprise you. 

Make the Projector

Making a projector is pretty easy. You need some cardboard, aluminum foil, a lamp without the shade, and duct tape.

Form the cardboard into a rectangle tube that is slightly smaller than the sheet of transparency paper you will be working with.

Stick the lamp into one end of the tube and cover the opening around the lamp with aluminum foil. This will help to keep the light directed out of the open end of the tube.

Create Your Image

Now, choose the design for your mural. You can use basic shapes, patterns and designs, or you can create an intricate mural filled with flowers, waterfalls and mountains. What you paint is up to your personal preferences and abilities. If you aren't the most artistic person, maintaining basic designs is likely in your best interest.

The transparency sheet can be positioned right over a picture in a magazine, book or any other source.

Use the marker to draw or trace the image that will be projected onto the fence and painted.

Start the Project

Just after the sun begins to set, it is time to get to work. Make sure that you have a few days of rain-free weather before you begin working on the fence. You don't want the rain to wash away the chalk outlines that you will be drawing or the paint before it dries.

Now set up the projector moving it forward and back to find the right sizing. The closer you move it to the fence, the smaller the image will be.

Once the projector is positioned properly, use chalk to trace the image onto the fence.

When the sun comes up, you can get to work outlining and filling in the image.

Take your time while working on this project as it could either turn out spectacular or a complete disaster. If you don't feel comfortable in your abilities to do this on your own, talk with a painting contractor (such as one from Thompson Painting) for assistance.