A paved driveway is a common feature for residential properties, but it is an unfortunate fact that many homeowners have a limited understanding about the type of care that is needed to maintain these paved surfaces. As a result, these homeowners might benefit from having a couple of basic but important questions answered.

Will You Need To Maintain The Color Of Your Driveway?

Your driveway will likely be exposed to intense sunlight, and this exposure can allow the ultraviolet rays of light to gradually break down the pigments in your driveway. This can cause driveways that are made of asphalt or colored concrete to start to turn to a gray color.  While this can be a rather unsightly problem to experience, there are steps that you can take to help to protect your driveway against this risk. One of the more effective options can be to apply a protective finish to the driveway that will block the ultraviolet rays of light from being absorbed by the pigment. Additionally, you might want to consider planting small trees or shrubs along the sides of the driveway to provide shade.

How Can You Prevent Cracks And Potholes?

Cracking and potholes can be particularly common issues for a driveway, and these problems often stem from moisture issues. For example, cracks can form in the surface of the pavement when moisture is allowed to seep into the small pores at the surface. This occurs because water's volume can fluctuate according to the temperature. When it gets extremely hot or drops below freezing, the volume of the water will increase, which will put pressure on the pavement. Minimizing this type of damage will require a waterproof sealant to be applied to the surface of the pavement to close these pores.

Potholes can often form when the soil under the driveway starts to erode away. When the soil washes away, there is not enough support for the pavement, which can make it more likely to fail. Avoiding this type of problem will require you to ensure that there is good drainage along the sides of the driveway. This will help to prevent water from getting under the pavement and washing away the soil. You can improve the drainage around your driveway by installing a gutter that runs along both sides of the pavement. Homeowners that want to avoid the unsightly appearance of gutters can have a French drains system installed instead. While this option will be more expensive, it can be a more aesthetically pleasing solution.

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