If you have had recurring problems with your water quality, you may be ready to take matters into your own hands to get water testing and treatment. Here are some common problems from bad water system maintenance and some tests and solutions that you may want to look at. 

Gastrointestinal Illness

After a few rounds of gastrointestinal illness, you may wonder if it's a water quality problem rather than a food-borne illness. You may want to send samples to look for coliform bacteria at a local laboratory. Viral matter is also a less common but possible cause of this recurring problem. 

Many viruses and bacteria that cause illness can be filtered out with a mechanical filter that forces water through a fine mesh. For instance, reverse osmosis filters work to remove larger bacteria and virus particles, while letting water particles continue to pass through since they are smaller. Be sure to understand the size of the particles that you're trying to eliminate and then choose a filter with holes that are smaller than that particle. A water system maintenance specialist can help you do this once you get a positive laboratory test for the type of matter present in your water. 

Problems with Minerals in Water

Another problem that you may notice is that the water tastes unusually metallic or is slightly off color. This could indicate that you have a problem with hard water. Your household plumbing can be responsible for a lot of issues with water hardness that can leave white residue on washed dishes and in your sink. 

If you have this issue, the test that you need is for grains of hardness. This will tell you the mineral concentration in your water, and then you can use a water treatment specialist to help you choose a water softener that is the appropriate strength for your household. 

Industrial Operations Nearby

Finally, you may be concerned if you have certain industries nearby, such as chemical plants or even agricultural companies. Testing for metals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and dissolved solids may be appropriate, depending on the industries present. With these problems, you may be looking at a multistage filter to remove multiple types of contaminants from your drinking water. Your local health department may have some advice for you in getting water treatment and testing done, and they may be able to help out with some of the testing if it is impacting multiple residents. 

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