Are you tired of your tenants leaving the carpet in your rental homes in a bad condition? If you are tired of spending money on getting the carpet cleaned or replaced, it is worth giving some consideration to hardwood floors being installed. Hardwood will save you a lot of money in the long run because you will not have to replace the floors for many years to come. Below, you will discover a few of the important things you might want to know about hardwood floors before making the investment.

Why Hardwood Floors Will Last

The main thing that makes hardwood floors durable is their ability to be resurfaced. No matter how much wear your tenants put the floors through, you will likely be able to bring the surface back to a satisfactory condition. For example, if the wood obtains numerous scratches, you can hire a contractor to sand the scratches out. You will also not have to worry about odors from food or pet urine given the floors a permanent odor.

How Your Tenants Will Clean the Floors

There will not be much involved with how your tenants clean hardwood floors. Simply keeping the floors swept is one of the main cleaning tasks that will be necessary. However, you must be strict about your tenants cleaning up liquids. The bad thing about liquid sitting on hardwood floors for a long time is that it can cause the wood to lose form. For example, the wood can begin to expand and buckle up when it becomes saturated with fluid. You would then have to replace the damaged areas of the floor.

Repairs That May Be Necessary

When tenants move out of your rental homes, you are not likely to need to invest in many repairs to the hardwood floors. However, the severity of damage will depend on the type of tenants who were living in your homes, such as their cleaning habits. Removing scratches from the wood is one of the common types of repairs that might be necessary. Sometimes even removing scratches isn't necessary, as they can give wood a distressed look that some people love. You might also have to change out a few of the planks of wood for more severe damage.

How Dullness Can Be Prevented

If you don't want your hardwood floors to have a dull look, you can get them refinished every now and then. A sealant product can be applied to the wood to add shine, which can also act as a protectant for greater durability. Talk to a contractor like Montgomery Flooring Systems about replacing the carpet in your rental homes with hardwood floors.