If you are planning to have a grand opening of your new street-front retail store, you want everything to go perfectly. Keep reading to learn of three things that will help your grand opening be a success.

Install an Entrance Canopy

Install an entrance canopy on your front door. A canopy not only looks nice, but it will also protect your customers if the weather brings rain or snow. You can put the name of your business on the canopy to help advertise if you choose to make the awning from canvas or other materials. If you want to spend a little more money, you can hire a company to install a glass awning for your storefront. If you choose canvas or other materials, the canopies are constructed with a welded steel frame to provide a strong and durable structure. You can also choose a canopy that will cover steps, if needed.

Contact a company that sells canopies to learn much more about the different types available so you can decide what would work best for your business.

Give a Gift

As your guests leave your grand opening, have someone at the door hand them a small gift, such as a small bag with a few inexpensive items from your store inside of it. Include your business card inside the bag.

You could also make up a large basket filled with more expensive items and hold a raffle so someone will win the basket.

Another way to draw in customers is to hand out coupons as people visit your grand opening. The coupons, for example, could offer them a certain percentage off their first purchase. Getting a discount will entice them to come back to your retail store in the future.

Have Enough Parking

You need to consider how many people may show up to your grand opening and double that amount. Provide enough parking space for the amount you come up with. If you do not have enough parking places, people will quickly leave your grand opening.

If you do not have a large parking lot, you can ask nearby businesses if you can use their parking lots for one night.

The parking area should be clearly visible by putting up signs so people will not have problems finding a parking space.

If you take time to plan your grand opening, it will likely be a big success for you.