If you are getting ready to paint your home, once you choose the color of paint that you want to use on your home, you are also going to need to choose what type of finish you want to use on your home as well. Here is a quick guide to what the different types of finish choices mean and what types of rooms they are typically used in.

#1 Medium-Luster

This is not a choice that you see for all paints. It is a very specific type of finish. It is extremely high gloss finish. It is typically used for your door and trim finishes; areas where you want a really high gloss and that you want to be able to wipe down and clean.

#2 Low-Luster

A low-luster finish is designed for the same types of surfaces as a medium-luster. It works really well on doors and trims, as well as any other surface that you want to paint but also want to be able to clean easily. It has a subtler sheen and a smoother looking finish in comparison to medium-luster paint.

#3 Flat

A flat finish is not reflective at all. This type of finish will help make your walls look really smooth and will hide imperfections on your walls. This is a great finish to use if you have a bumpy wall or one with little kicks in it that you don't want to sand down. It is also generally easy to clean flat paint finishes with a simple damp sponge.

A flat finish can work on a variety of different rooms and is often used in formal dining and living rooms, adult bedrooms and on ceilings.

#4 Satin

A satin finish will have a little glossy effect without being too shiny. This can lend your paint color a deeper and more rich look. Satin finishes are often used in areas that are frequently used, such as hallways, family rooms and children's bedrooms.

#5 Semi-Gloss

Semi-gloss is easy to clean and looks nice in large spaces. Semi-gloss is great for your kitchen, bathroom, and utility areas, where you are likely to get splatter on your walls and need to wipe them down frequently.

#6 Gloss

Glass is great on things like door and window trims, cabinets, doors and furniture. Like medium and low luster finishes, it provides shiny and fresh look to these areas. This type of finish is great for accent paint; it will help draw your eyes to the area without being overwhelming.  As a plus, the glossier the paint is, generally the easier it is to wipe down and clean things off it, which is great for all the finger prints that can get on these types of surfaces. 

For more information, talk to a house painter.