If you would like to add curbside appeal to your property by planting a row of colorful plants on each side of your driveway, follow the directions below to complete the transformation. Add landscaping rocks in between plants to further enhance the borders.


  • measuring tape
  • rake
  • lawn tiller
  • spade
  • plants
  • water hose
  • watering can
  • bright-colored gravel
  • small shovel
  • landscaping rocks
  • LED lights (secured to stakes)

Measure The Property, Purchase Plants, And Clear The Ground

Decide how wide and long you would like each border to be and use a measuring tape to measure the property. Purchase flowering plants to add to each side of the driveway. Keep in mind that you will need to add space in between the plants so that there will be plenty of room for landscaping rocks.

Rake the ground to remove twigs, leaves, and other loose materials. Use a lawn tiller to loosen sod that is covering each side of the driveway. Push the tiller in straight lines to clear the property. Place shovelfuls of sod in a compost bin or in a bucket that contains yard waste. 

Cover Roots, Add Gravel And Landscaping Rocks

Use a spade to dig holes on each side of the driveway. Take care while inserting a plant's roots in each hole so that parts of each root system do not bend. Add shovelfuls of soil to the holes. After filling the holes, use the back of a spade to smooth out the dirt that surrounds each plant.

Fill a watering can with water and sprinkle water around the base of each plant. Use a small shovel to add bright-colored pieces of gravel around each plant. Use the tip of the shovel to spread the gravel pieces out. Select landscaping rocks that are different colors and that contain a variety of textures. Center the rocks in between the plants. Use both of your hands to press against the top of each rock to stablize the landscaping materials.

Add LED Lights To Each Side Of The Driveway

Add an LED light that is attached to a stake to each side of the driveway. Press the tip of each stake into the ground until the stakes are stable. The lights will make it possible for the plants and rocks to be seen when it is dark outside and will prevent anyone from accidentally driving over the decorative borders that you added to your property. 

For more information, contact a business such as Builder's Sand & Gravel Inc.