This fall, spend a couple of hours getting all of your plumbing ready for winter. This will help save you from a winter plumbing disaster.

#1 Insulate Your Pipes

Even if you don't have copper pipes, which can freeze in the winter, it is still a smart idea to insulate your pipes. Insulated pipes will keep the water that flows through them at the right temperature and will reduce your heating costs for hot water. Insulated pipes will also help keep your water cool in the summertime. 

It is really easy to insulate your pipes. Just purchase foam insulation for pipes that has a slit in it, and slip it over your pipes. Then, use electrical tape to wrap and seal up the insulation. Be sure to purchase bent foam insulation for any bends and strange angles within your piping system.

#2 Insulate Your Hot Water Heater

Help your hot water heater work more productively by insulating it. You can purchase blankets that are specifically designed to wrap around your hot water heater. Any blanket you put around your hot water heater should have openings that allow you to read the gauges and access any handles or buttons that you need to. 

If you can't find a blanket for your specific water heater, you can also purchase general insulation and wrap it around your water heater. You can insulate the entire closet where your water heater is located.

A well-insulated water heater will cost less money to operate and will ensure that your water stays properly heated, even when it is well below freezing outside.

#3 Insulate Your Septic Tank

If your home has a septic tank, you need to cover up your septic tank and make sure that the ground about your septic tank is well-insulated. You are going to want to purchase an insulated blanket to put over your septic field. Then, you are going to want to put down a layer of mulch or bark. The thicker the layer of mulch or bark is, the better insulated your septic system will be this winter. 

Additionally, be sure to remove snow from around your septic field and don't park any vehicles on top of it. Taking these steps will keep the ground above your septic tank from getting too cold or compacted. 

Get your plumbing ready for winter by making sure your pipes, water heater and septic tank are all properly insulated. Proper insulation will help ensure that your pipes, water heater and septic tank all work properly this winter.