If you are looking into upgrading an existing pool or adding a pool to your yard, there are plenty of modern, unique touches that can really personalize your space. Pools don't need to be boring. With landscaping additions, you can easily transform the look of your backyard and pool area. Here are a few trending looks when it comes to pool design that can make your backyard feel like a resort in no time.

1. Lighting Options

Pool lighting can be a fun addition to any pool area, both inside and outside of the pool. If you are really looking for a custom pool design, finishing this off with lighting that showcases your landscaping can brighten up decor and plants nearby in the evening. Changing up the coloring of your pool's lighting can also make your space more fun during your next get-together as well, from bright purples to deep blues.

2. Glass Tile Accents

The reflective nature of swimming pools can help glass accents bring an even more appealing touch to your pool. Small glass tiles around the water line of your pool can bring a custom, classy look to your space. Mosaic glass tiles are a new trend when it comes to pool accents. These can be inlaid with a new pool design or added to an existing swimming pool that you are hoping to upgrade.

3. Water Falls and Fire Pits

Bringing other natural elements to your pool area can instantly turning this into an oasis. These days, it can be a simple upgrade to add in waterfalls and fountains to spice up your existing pool area. If you have seating around your pool and on a deck nearby, the lush look of fire pits can keep your space ready for entertaining into the night, even if you are only sitting by the pool.

4. Utilizing Stone and Brick

A great way to make your pool look more natural and less of a cemented area is to update surrounding areas with large stones. Large rocks can make your pool look like a lagoon and are easy to add to an existing space as well. When it comes to walkways and the ground around your pool, resurfacing cement with brick can give your space an instant upgrade in no time.

If you aren't quite sure where to start when it comes to updating an existing pool or installing a new pool, be sure to find a custom pool designer, such as those at Nassau Pools Construction Inc. Custom pools can run the gamut of over-the-top and unique, to a few choice accents that can quickly make your yard feel like home. When it comes to new designs and materials, pool contractors can work with you to find the perfect styles for your pool and outdoor space.