When you need to have your roof replaced, it may take longer than expected to have this service completed. You may have leaks that need to be dealt with in the meantime. To ensure your home does not get damaged, there are going to be improvements and repairs that may need to be done to prevent leaks. Here are some roof repair tips to help you get through the wait for your roof replacement:

1. Replacing Missing and Wind Damaged Shingles

If your roof is still in good condition, replacing a shingle or two may be a repair that needs to be done while waiting on a roof replacement. Remove the damaged shingle and any roofing nails, and then slide a new shingle in its place. When replacing damaged shingles, you may also want to put a dab of roofing cement over any nail heads to give the shingle a little extra protection from leaks.

2. Using Roofing Cement to Patch Holes and Small Leaks

Roofing cement is a great solution to repair a lot of the damage on your roof. If you do not want to install tarps or need extra protection from leaks while you are waiting for repairs to be done, use roofing cement to patch holes and repair damaged shingles that cause leaks and lead to water damage inside your home.

3. Properly Installing Tarps to Protect Serious Roof Damage from Leaks

When your roof has been severely damaged, it is going to need to have tarps installed to protect your home while you are waiting on repairs. Sometimes, the tarps are only needed in small sections, but you may need to have them installed on the entire roof if it is well worn and needs to be completely replaced.

4. Contacting A Roofing Contractor for Inspection and Help with Repairs

When all else fails, it is a good idea to contact a roofing contractor to get professional help for the repairs that need to be done for your home. Talk with them about inspecting your roof and what type of temporary repairs that need to be done to keep your roof from leaking until you can have it replaced. Having the roof inspected is also something that you will want to have done regularly once you have the new roofing installed on your home.

These are some roof repair tips to help you get through the wait for your roof replacement. If you need help with maintenance to your roof, contact a construction supply service like Wylaco Supply Company to get the materials you need for these small repairs and for tarping your roof until you can have it replaced.