Ductless heating systems rely on three main components: an indoor unit mounted on the wall, an outdoor unit, and remote control to heat your home. Ductless systems use electrical energy as their power source. They are capable of keeping homes at consistent temperatures without the use of an extensive duct system. Ductless heating systems work best in new construction, room additions, or for replacing or supplementing existing heating systems.

New Construction

The best place for a ductless heating system is a newly constructed home. With new construction, there has never been a ducted heating system that has been installed and needs to be covered up or removed. With new construction, a ductless heating system can be put in place as it was designed. Most homes only need one or two indoor units installed throughout the home for effective zone heating. A ductless heating system is very energy efficient as well, allowing you to increase the energy efficient profile of your new home.

Room Additions

If you are adding a room or rooms onto your home, a ductless heating system is the most efficient heating choice. With a ductless heating system, you don't have to extend the ductwork in your home. You also don't have to extend the pipes in your home if you use a gas-based heating system. With a ductless heating system, you have to do less work on the rest of your home.

You may be able to get a utility rebate if the rest of your home also uses electric heat; your electric utility provider will be able to let you know more about how energy efficient rebates work.

Upgrading an Existing System

You can use a ductless heating system to replace any type of existing heating and cooling system. You can replace wood stoves, baseboard heat, wall and ceiling heat, electric furnaces, and other types of heating with a ductless heating system.

If you have a small home, you may only need to install one indoor unit for the main area of your home. If you have a larger home, you may need to install multiple indoor units. Smaller areas, such as bathrooms, may require baseboard or additional supplement heat. Generally, when you upgrade your entire home to a ductless energy efficient electrical system, you may qualify for a rebate from your electric provider.

A ductless heating system will cut down on the ductwork that you have to maintain in your home. It will provide you with a clean source of energy efficient heat that is electric-based. You may even be able to offset the costs of installation with a utility installation credit. Visit sites like http://salemheatinginc.com/ for more information.