As people get older, doing simple things, like bathing, become more difficult, and potentially more dangerous. If you start to slip getting out of the shower, you can usually regain your footing and/or your balance, but for an elderly person, that is literally and physically almost impossible. If you are currently worried about elderly parents and their ability to bathe without injury, you might want to contact a bath remodeling contractor to discuss the following accessories, all of which will make bathing safer for your elderly parents.

​Grab Bars Inside and Outside Of The Shower/Tub

Grab bars are heavy, durable bars installed on the edge of a tub, inside a shower or tub on the wall, on the back or end wall of the tub, and just outside the shower/tub. In the event that one of your parents begins to slip in the tub or shower, he/she can grab one of these bars to help steady him/herself. The bars are bolted and anchored into all of the walls and the edge of the tub, making it impossible to grab one and have it pull out of its location. The bars also help make it easier to carefully step in and out of the shower/tub. When not in use for bathing purposes, the grab bars double as towel bars.

​Shower Seat

A spa seat can be built into the corner of a shower stall, or across the tub, to allow elderly people to sit and bathe more safely. The non-slip wood benches are treated to prevent rot, mold, and mildew, so you never have to worry about the wood deteriorating and failing to support your parents at bathing time. They are bolted into the tub/shower walls, too, which means that they cannot wiggle or come loose at any time.

​Slip-Proof Flooring in the Tub

The bath remodeling contractor can also install a special type of flooring material in the tub or shower. It is generally a spray-on type of coating that makes it really difficult to slip in the tub or shower. There is also a way to install spa flooring, which is made of similar wood to the shower seat. The spa flooring is usually recommended for shower stalls only, as it is not very comfortable for full tub soaks. If you add steam bath hardware to the shower stall, then you can also turn the shower stall into a full steam shower/spa, which your parents might really enjoy if they have arthritis or they are constantly cold

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