When you live along the coast, in a hurricane zone or in an area that sees extreme winds and rain, you need to prepare your home, to make sure it is protected during an event of extreme weather. It is always good to be prepared, for times when something happens that will put your home at risk of damage and loss. Here are some good ideas for you to use to keep your home and its value protected from strong storms and winds.

Install Exterior Hurricane Protection

The outside of your home needs to be built strongly and durably, to protect its structure, the interior, and you, during hurricane-force winds. When you live in a zone that has such types of strong winds, your home may be protected only in certain areas of its construction, depending on the construction requirements of your county. 

Your home may already be equipped with reinforced trusses and roofing shingles, but the windows can be a weak spot of your home, during a storm. If your home's windows are not already reinforced with impact-resistant glass, they may not hold up under a hurricane or similarly-strong winds. In addition to installing impact glass in your windows, you can install hurricane shutters, which can be closed over your windows, to further protect them during severe weather.

Don't neglect your home's patio, covered walkway, balcony, or, carport, as their structures can be susceptible to damage from wind pressure, during extreme weather, and can lead to damage inside your home. To protect these areas of your home, have hurricane screens installed to provide a wind barrier to these alcoves. You can close or open the screens, as you need them, once they have been professionally installed, and use the screens to help you enjoy the outdoors.

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Purchase Adequate Insurance

As another way to protect your home from extreme weather, you should purchase homeowner's insurance appropriate for the weather and conditions in your area. For example, if you live in an area that is at risk of flooding, is located near a river, or has flooded in the past, you might want to purchase flood insurance. This will protect your home and valuables from flooding that can result from hurricanes and excessive precipitation.

Talk to your insurance agent to make sure your home is protected from weather-related damage, such as wind damage to its exterior siding. Your insurance policy may be lacking specific coverage you might need in your location, and you don't want to be without it.