The trees and shrubs in your landscaping are attractive additions, but can also be a problem if they are not cared for properly. Good landscaping design and maintenance will ensure the trees and shrubs add value to your home, instead of cause damage. The following tree and shrub care tips will help prevent damage to your home and property: 

1. Protect Your Foundation with a Barrier System for Shrubs Near Your Home  

The foundation of your home is one of the areas that you may not think of, but it is vulnerable to damage due to roots of trees and shrubs. Planting shrubs a safe distance away will help prevent problems, but if you want to ensure that there are no problems, use a root barrier system for any shrubs and plants that you plant near your home.  

2. Keep Utilities Safe with the Right Choices of Shrubs and Trees  

The utilities around your home are another area that can be vulnerable to damage. Therefore, you want to make sure that trees and shrubs are planted a safe distance away. Before branches grow too close to power lines and other utilities, trim them back to prevent them from causing damage and hazards around your home.  

3. Address Your Roof and Keep Trees Trimmed to Prevent Damage  

The roof of your home is one of the areas that are most vulnerable to damage from trees. This is due to branches and debris that fall on the roof and cause damage. Keep the tree canopies near your roof well-trimmed to prevent damage and costly repairs. In addition, clean the roof surface regularly to keep it free of debris and prevent damage from leaves and branches.  

4. Care for Trees and Use Good Landscaping Design Practices to Protect You from Wildfires  

The trees and shrubs around your home are also vulnerable to wildfires, which can cause serious property damage if they are too close or poorly cared for. Avoid planting trees and shrubs too close together and keep the landscaping ground cover clean to reduce fire risks. In addition, remove dangerous trees like pines to protect against fire and damage from trees falling in severe weather.  

These are some tips to help with tree and shrub maintenance to prevent damage to your property. If you need help with pruning and other tree care needs, contact a lawn maintenance service to ensure the trees and shrubs around your home are healthy.