Most homeowners are used to needing the typical appliance repairs. Stoves, furnaces, and refrigerators are some of the most common appliances that often need repairs. What many homeowners don't tend to think about, perhaps because they aren't used as often, is the repair needs of washers and dryers. Here's a look at some information you need to know before you find yourself in a jam with a washer that isn't working anymore. 

Odd Noises

You're going to hear some normal operating sounds from your washing machine. In fact, you'll get used to the way the washer sounds when it's running. When that sound changes and you're hearing squealing, grinding, or similar noises, you should never ignore it.

Noises like that from a spinning washing machine are an indication that the bearings in the washer tub are failing. The bearings are intended to keep the tub spinning smooth, so when the bearings wear, the tub won't spin as it's intended to. Left unaddressed, the tub may eventually seize. Failing bearings indicate a need for repairs.

Frozen Tub

The washer tub should spin freely when the machine is running. It relies on a balance of a drive belt and bearings for the tub movement. Additionally, a lid switch is used to trigger the tub's operation, preventing it from spinning when the lid is open.

If your washing machine's tub won't spin, the lid switch may be malfunctioning. If it doesn't properly engage, the washer tub won't operate as it's supposed to. The same applies if the drive belt is stretched or otherwise damaged.

Check the drive belt or have a washer repair technician test the lid switch to make sure that it's engaging. The switch and the belt can both easily be replaced if needed to restore the washer's operation.

Failing Door Lock

The lock on your washer's lid or front door is another key feature. It ensures that there's a proper seal on front-loading washers to prevent leaks, and it keeps your top-loading washer from being opened while it's running.

With some washers, the machine won't operate unless the door lock can engage correctly. If your washing machine's door lock won't properly engage, your washer repair technician can assess it to see if it is stuck or if it needs to be replaced entirely.

These are some of the most common reasons why you might need to talk with a washer repair technician. Talk with a technician today for more information about washer and dryer repair.